Sunday, January 17, 2010


To blog or not to blog, that is the question?
O.K. So this guy in the church I belong to who manages the church's website (created, improves, expands- a real Major Domo) added this "blogging" feature. I'm trying to be the first to sign up, follow, and blog; in support of what he is doing. What is he doing? Just dragging a bunch of Neanderthals into the e-age. Really, Ken is the George Barna of CBC. If there is a "relavant" thing going on here, he is at the leading edge! This is as big as the "Worship/Service" project we did a few months ago that NEEDS to be repeated, improved, followed up on and etc. Give us a break, we CAN"T change the message. The Good News is still the Good News! Every liver is seperated from God by nature and choice. God can't accept us as we are, so HE provided A way for reconciliation. That Way came in the person of Jesus who provides absolute one time once for all reconciliation between us and God. Trust Him (willfully choose Him/His provision) and you permanently obtain life in God- no take backs. Our interim Pastor, Cliff Reynolds, he's right up there with Ken. Right on the edge of what is being done that is right. He passionately reminds people about the responsibilities that come with this new life in God. He shares how God gives us this new life, but it is for a purpose: accomplishing the things God wants done. Get it? God's got plans that He wants us in on. COOL!
So, got half a mind (or a whole one or any part thereof) to get in on What God is about? Just interested in finding more out? You'd be welcome here.

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